Our Bomb Staff

Bradley Reith
Bradley ReithOwner & GM
While Bradley always looks forward to the future you can’t dismiss his past. Bradley was an original part of a cigar reviewing duo that really put cigar reviewing on the map on Youtube. Growing his former channel from zero to over 100K subscribers in less than 18 months was a feat formally un-heard of in the cigar industry.

Building off this former success Bradley launched his own brand (Zeal Cigars) and is currently growing his reach on YouTube today. Bradley is the General manger of Zeal Cigars and is responsible for a little bit of everything. From working the front, marketing, website design, and even packing orders (his favorite thing to do….jk) you can find him most days both in the Zeal Cigars Studio shooting new content and/or helping out customers who come in and just wanna smoke a cigar and hang!

Len Reith
Len ReithOwner
Veteran Owned / Operated means more to this man than just a catchy slogan. It’s literally his life. Len Reith is a former combat veteran out of Vietnam who was part of the first Marine divisions to land in Vietnam in Operation Double Eagle in Bon Song. After 2 tours in Vietnam he returned to the states to begin his life as a life long salesman.

Retiring at the top of his game retirement didn’t end up suiting Len very well. A tad bored with golf and sitting around he launched into cigars with his wife Vida and the rest of his family in what has now come to be known as Zeal Cigars. Len’s day to day tasks involve working the shop, being the go to golf guy, marketing research, videos, and general support for the Family.

Savannah Reith
Savannah ReithWarehouse Manager
Savannah shared her first cigar with her dad on YouTube not too long ago. She brings an amazing “over achieving” attitude and spirit to the ZT6 Team. Being Bradley’s oldest daughter her introduction to procedures and Buisness we thought would take some time. But she actually has been crushing it here since her first day.

Savannah’s role with Zeal is one of warehouse manager, retail stocker, and all around sweetheart. If and when you get a chance to meet her you will understand what we are talking about!

Billy Saturday
Billy SaturdayProfessional Millennial
Ever since Bradley’s days of old with his former cigar review buddy he’s long wanted another guy that could handle his huge personality without being overwhelmed. Introduce Billy Saturday. Billy and Bradley actually go way back to when Bradley was working for his former cigar company. Billy was his Saturday guy there. But as they’ve worked more together Bradley saw a potential in Billy to fill the proverbial empty seat that’s been there for a while.

So after the first couple videos you will be seeing much more of whose soon to become everyone’s favorite Millennial cigar Youtuber the man, the myth, the legend…Billy Saturday. Billy usually works at Zeal Cigars retail shop on Saturdays makes videos and goes live often on social media while smoking some of his favorite sticks.