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Tobacco (ZHB = Zeal House Brand Tobacco) 

Half and Half Pipe Tobacco  

Smoothness, flavor, and the perfect touch of aroma, that's Half and Half pipe tobacco. This timeless blend employs a mellow mixture of loose cut Burley and Bright Virginia tobaccos. The result is a flavorful, easy-going smoke that's buttery-smooth, balanced, and complemented by a hint of cherry in the aroma. You'll want to smoke this one over and over....and at my ridiculously low price, you'll be able to afford it.

Captain Black Original 

Captain Black has been the biggest selling line of tobaccos in the United States for almost fifty years, and this one is the original. Captain Black Regular is a mixture of Virginia, burley and black cavendish with a distinctively warm, pleasantly sweet flavor and aroma.

Captain Black Gold  

Like the original with a smoother more sweet vanilla finish.

Sir Walter Raleigh 

Sir Walter Raleigh Aromatic is a long-time American favorite blend of Burley and Virginia tobaccos that are enhanced by the addition of three fine liqueurs from around the world. It has a pleasant room note and a mellow, slightly sweet flavor that can be enjoyed all day long. This time-honored American classic is relaxing tobacco leaving an intriguing taste on your palate.

Peterson Morning Blend 

Peterson Early Morning Pipe tobacco is one of the true classics. This blend starts with golden and red flue-cured tobaccos which are matured under pressure while heat is applied, deepening the flavor. Choice Oriental tobaccos are added for spice, and just enough Latakia is incorporated to give the blend a smokiness, with a hint of leather. Early Morning Pipe is mellow tobacco that’s smooth and delicious, a perfect choice to start your day off, but packing enough flavor to enjoy any time of day.

Peterson Nightcap Blend 

PetersonNightcap is one of the "big three" Peterson blends and is far and away from the heftiest of the bunch. There are excellent Virginias and Orientals in this Dunhill tobacco blend, no doubt, but the real stars of this show are the substantial amount of fine Latakia and the addition of darkly sweet and peppery Perique in this Nightcap.

ZHB Butter Rum Blend 

This is our Zeal Cigars butter rum blend provided for us by a secret blender. It is sweet very aromatic and tastes just like it sounds. If you want some candy for your pipe make sure you try this great blend sold in 3 sizes.

ZHB Winter Blend 

Get ready for a burst of flavor of vanilla, caramel, chocolate, a slight mint, and the subtle scent of cranberries.

ZHB Creme Brulee 

Vanilla, creme brulee flavor with a slight maple-like finish.

Lane Q-1 

One of the most desired pipe tobaccos on the market today. With strong vanilla notes and an aromatic scent, you will want in your beard for a long time!

CAO Moontarnce 

The Virginia/black cavendish blend uses the sweet influence of exotic fruit flavors and one of the richest of all vanillas- Bourbon vanilla from Madagascar. This is a one of a kind aromatic. - TR

CAO Eileen's Dream

This blend begins with a base of quality Virginia and black cavendish leaf and then infuses the same with a frothed cream that's been laced with superior Irish whiskey and coconut milk, followed by a subtle mixture of hazelnut paste, ground almonds, cocoa, and vanilla extracts. - TR

CAO Bella Vanilla 

This combination of sweet Virginias and smooth black Cavendish is finished with the warm, mellow flavor of one of the costliest types of vanilla, imported from Madagascar. The room note is outstanding and will please fans of creamy aromatics. -PNCR

CAO Cherry Bomb

This tobacco uses some of the finest flue-cured Virginias and steamed black cavendish tobaccos and enhances them with excellent notes of tangy cherry and silky vanilla for wonderful flavor and aroma. -TR

Davidoff Green 

These select blends of tobaccos include: mature Virginia, flavorful burley, and black cavendish. Enjoy a smooth pleasurable smoke with company in the discrete harmony of its fresh and slightly fruity aroma. -TR

Davidoff Red

This mixture owes its distinctive aroma to a luxurious blend of black cavendish tobaccos and the interesting contrast of Virginian ribbon cut. This is an exceptionally smooth blend, which burns evenly. -TR

Davidoff Royalty

A classic English with a beautifully refined flavor. Mature Virginia and Oriental tobaccos spiced with a pinch of latakia. -TR

Davidoff Danish Mix

Zino Davidoff's Special Blend of the finest tobaccos, very mild in taste. Made in Denmark. -TR

Davidoff Red Medallions

Flake cut of finest Virginia and perique tobaccos with a core of black cavendish. -TR

Davidoff Blue 

This blend of broad cut black cavendish, toasted burley and Virginia cut plug offers a refreshing cool, enjoyable exhilarating smoke. It develops a slightly sweet aroma that lingers pleasantly in the air.

Cult Conspiracy 

Premium golden Virginias and a special black cavendish, made from specially selected Green River one-sucker burley, are combined with a rich, reddish burley and finished with a bit of smoky Cyprian latakia. A wonderful, warm vanilla and a touch of clover honey are added for a creamy sweet flavor with a slightly floral note. -TR

Cult Militia 

Nutty and smooth American burley tobacco blended with flake-cut yellow Virginia, slow steamed to give a sweet and smooth black cavendish. Flavored with drizzled caramel, maple, and subtle vanilla for a complex and pleasing aromatic blend. Easily packed and ready to smoke upon popping the tin. Join the Cult Militia and have no regrets about this movement.

Cult Blood Red Moon 

This dark, decadent blend combines fire-cured cavendish, bright Virginias and burleys with the delicious aromas of natural Royal Ann cherry and dark chocolate. A bit sweet, extremely rich, and unquestionably smooth. -TR

Cult Anonymous 

Sometimes, simple and subtle are better, and Cult Anonymous is a perfect example. Rather than the typical melange of different tobaccos with an over the top amount of flavoring, Anonymous is made of nothing but high quality, sweet, golden flue cured tobaccos with a light and enjoyable hint of vanilla. If you want a gentle aromatic with a great room note that's light enough to enjoy all day, Cult Anonymous is your best bet. -TR

Cult Profile 

Choice Virginias and black cavendish with hints of vanilla and other natural flavorings, producing a fragrant room note while still allowing the leaf itself to shine.-TR

ZHB Butterscotch

This aromatic pipe tobacco will leave you breathless wanting more Butterscotch flavor that reminds you of the hard candies you had when you were a child.

ZHB Coffee-Bliss 

Who says that coffee and pipes don't go together? Certainly not us. With this coffee-flavored blend, you will please everyone in the room with subtle notes of dark cocoa, coffee, and rich tobacco.

Captain Black Dark 

A simple as can be, Captain Black is a straight, pure, 100% black Cavendishes aromatic, providing plenty of flavor and sweetness, though with a fuller body as well, thanks to the use of Green River Burley as one of the source leaves involved in the creation of its Cavendish components. -PNT

Captain Black Royal 

Captain Black Royal is one of the best-selling pipe tobaccos in the world, and it’s no wonder why. This blend is a smooth mixture of golden and Black Cavendishes with a pleasantly light and sweet flavor that satisfies at any time of day. Captain Black Royal is proof that a pipe tobacco doesn't have to be heavily flavored to be enjoyable. -TR

Fire Storm Ro Blends

Russ took the Virginias used in his best known Virginia-based blend, Anniversary Kake, and amped up the perique content, then added a splash of some very nice dark-fired Kentucky leaf. Fire Storm is rather sweet, but the spice shows up shortly thereafter and builds gradually through the end, with a peppery finish. For smokers who like bold Virginia/perique blends. -TR

Crumble Kake Red Virginia

Aged red Virginias pressed into a vintage crumble cake providing an exceptionally sweet and smooth smoke. -TR

Cult Embassy

Cult's Embassy blend combines choice burley, Virginia, black cavendish, and latakia with subtle notes of vanilla, offering a creamy aromatic smoke that only complements the natural leaf within. -TR

* TR = TobaccoReviews.com

ZHB Midnight Oil 

Coco, Fire Cured Tobacco, Sweet Malty Aroma.

ZHB Sailor's Delight

Early Morning Breakfast Blend Tobacco. Notes of fresh sweet vanilla, coffee, and smooth sweetness.

ZHB Whiskey A Coco 

Chocolate notes, Whiskey mixed with vanilla, and a fresh sweetness perfect for any time of the day.

ZHB Norwegian Snow 

Light airy tobacco, with notes of caramel, raisin, stone fruit, and lighter tones of toasted nuts.



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Pipe Tobacco - CAO Bella Vanilla , Blend:CAO Bella Vanilla, Ounces:1.75
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Pipe Tobacco

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