Camacho BPX Tubos with ZT6 Bonus Kicker

Camacho BPX Tubos with ZT6 Bonus Kicker

$152.50 $79.95

Camacho BPX Tubos with ZT6 Bonus Kicker

So how many times have you been on your way to a HERF and you were carrying your sticks without a case because you were just bringing one or two and then it HAPPENS! They fall, get smushed, or crack! All because you didn’t want to carry that big bulky case. But with these cigars, they COME IN A CASE!!! That’s simply the reason we all love these its built-in protection. So treat yourself right and stop worrying. These cigars come in a case so you won’t be a basketcase worrying if your cigars are okay or not. Oh, and we throw in an EPIC Zeal Team Six 5-Pack w/ a lighter and punch cutter to raise the value even more!!!

13 Cigars Total  

In this sampler 13 Cigars Total |

  • x-6 Camacho BPX TUBOS Blends (Connecticut, Corojo, Ecuador) 6 x 50 MSRP: 55.50
  • x-2 Camacho Liberty 2012 Throwback 6 x 50 MSRP: 40.00
  • x-1 Kings Envy Torpedo 6.5 x 54 MSRP 6.00
  • x-1 Kings Comeback Gordo 6 x 60 MSRP 6.50
  • x-1 Irish Hulk Churchill 7 x 48 MSRP 7.00
  • x-1 Got Your Six Torpedo 6.5 x 54 MSRP 6.50
  • x-1 Fallout Torpedo Box Pressed 6.5 x 54 MSRP 6.00
  • x-1 Jetline El Grande Lighter w/ Punch and Bleed Tool (color choice n/a)  MSRP 25.00
  • x-1 Boveda Packet MSRP 1.00


Camacho BPX Tubos with ZT6 Bonus Kicker

Camacho BPX Tubos

Camacho pushes the limits once again with the new box-pressed core line tubos extension, available in the best- selling cigar format industry-wide, a 50 x 6 toro. Now packaged in an unmistakable Camacho tubo, our master builders have amplified our best-selling blends of Connecticut, Corojo, and Ecuador with the addition of American Broadleaf tobaccos grown in Pennsylvania. The introduction of these Broadleaf tobaccos greatly intensifies the aromas and increases overall palate stimulation, while the box-pressing delivers a noticeably longer and cooler smoke with enhanced mouthfeel.

Camacho Liberty

The Camacho Liberty Series, now 17 years strong, has become one of the most highly anticipated annual releases for collectors and aficionados of bold, full-frontal cigars. Launched ahead of the July 4th holiday to celebrate and honor the birth and history of the United States, the 2019 release ventures back to one of our favorite and limited blends – a throwback to Liberty Series 2012.

The Liberty 2012 Throwback celebrates one of the most unique blends Camacho has ever built. Primarily, the Liberty Series blends have been comprised of tobaccos from a variety of different origins, as well as vintages. The 2012 Throwback blend utilizes four different primings, all which come from a single farm and single vintage, and aged four years.
This distinct blend truly showcases the versatility and multitude of flavors that can be achieved when utilizing this incredible varietal. Camacho Liberty 2012 Throwback is a bold, complex, yet smooth smoking experience sure to excite every patriotic cigar enthusiast. Opening with notes of cedar, chocolate, and black pepper. It further develops in complexity and flavor with added hints of cinnamon and sweetness.

Due to the rarity of the tobaccos needed to precisely match the original blend, only 50,000 cigars / 2,500 boxes were produced globally.

Irish Hulk 

Hands down these are one of our best selling Barber pole cigars. The Irish Hulk took over social media by those who knew what flavor and value taste like now in cigars. As complexed in bulk flavor as a cigar can get this cigar is truly one of a kind. A combination of Cameroon Maduro, Jade-Green Candela, and Ecuadorian Habano wrappers are filled with Cuban seed long-leaf binder and fillers. This well-crafted piece of art has a plethora of flavors and notes that many folks about! The cigar itself is a medium-bodied very balanced smoke. Notes of sweetness, cocoa, wood, and nuttiness are just some of the flavors you will experience when the Irish Hulk attacks your palate! We named it Irish Hulk because we find it pairs best with your favorite Irish Whiskey!

Got Your Six 

A combination of first-grade hand-rubbed Cameroon Maduro, Ecuadorian Connecticut, and Habano wrapper leaves bless the 100% Cuban seed filler and binders that come from the Dominican Republic making this cigar produce a blend of flavors from Vanilla, Caramel, Nuts, and Wood tones that are hard to replicate in even the most expensive of cigars!

Fall Out 

I guess when I hear the word Fall Out I think of the aftermath of a Nuclear Explosion or War. You see I feel that this cigar makes that kind of impact on your palate. It is a mixture of longleaf Nicaraguan binder and fillers with a Honduran Oscuro Wrapper. This cigar delivers a smooth, balanced smoke at a great value that is distinguished all on its own. It comes in 3 Box-pressed sizes. Robusto, Toro, and Torpedo.

Flavor notes are Leather, Dark Cedar, Dark Chocolate, Spice, with a hint of caramel on the finish.

King’s Envy 

This cigar tastes like a very well-aged boutique Habano. The amazing complexity and flavor stir my palate each time I smoke it. This has quickly become my favorite house blend of all time for Zeal Cigars. But don’t let the term “house blend” fool you. This is no ordinary “house” cigar. It is packed with a ton of flavor, perfect draw, and razor sharp burn. Many folks begged me to label this and box it and put my name on it. I told them NO due to the fact it would take both longer to get out to the public and then cost double what it does now. This cigar is truly the ENVY of any King and we hope it becomes a staple cigar and must have stick for you.

King’s Comeback 

It’s finally here! Our newest cigar release that was previously available in a sampler is now all on its own and you have the opportunity to have it all by itself in a variety of sizes. This cigar is a medium bodied, full of flavor Maduro that we’d liken to several boutique blends. If you are a fan of Maduro boutique cigars but don’t want to drop $10.00 per stick then this is a cigar that you must try! I have been told by more than one reputable cigar lover that I should put a label on these cigars, box em and sell them for 10-12 dollars. Grab yours today before they are gone!

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Weight1.5 lbs
Mother's Day Bonus Options

Vanilla, Lavender, Mandarin Spice


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