Deadwood vs. Esteban (6 Cigars Total)


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Deadwood vs. Esteban

This tasty deal is simply flying off our shelf!!! You get some of the best economical smokes out there as well as some SWEET smokes by Deadwood Tobacco in partnership with Drew Estate this deal gets all the sweeter as we add 3 of our top selling flavorded Hawaiian Breeze Cigars by Esteban Carreras. You taste and compare and let us know which is the better-flavored cigar.

6 Cigars in this sampler |

  • x-1 Sweet Jane 5 x 46 vitola
  • x-1 Fat Bottom Betty 5 x 54 vitola
  • x-1 Crazy Alice 4 ½ x 46 vitola
  • x-1 Hawaiian Breeze Vanilla 5.5 x 45
  • x-1 Hawaiian Breeze Late 5.5 x 45
  • x-1 Hawaiian Breeze Cognac 5.5 x 45
  • x-1 Boveda Pack


Sold out!


Deadwood vs. Esteban

Deadwood Tobacco 

Deadwood’s Yummy Cigars are wrapped in a Maduro wrapper and are blended with aromatic and exotic tobaccos that bring out the natural sweetness of the cigars. Deadwood’s Yummy Bitches include Sweet Jane, Fat Bottom Betty and Crazy Alice.

Esteban Cererra's Hawiian Breeze 

Esteban is no slouch when it comes to cigars. This is their first attempt at flavored cigars and they played their cards close to the vest. Staying conservative with flavors like Vanilla, Late’, and Cognac these cigars have the perfect blend of tobacco and flavoring for all cigar lovers.


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