Fool’s Gold Zeal House Brand


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Fool’s Gold Zeal House Brand

These cigars will WOW you with flavor but not impress you with their looks (yet, their Pedigree is outstanding). Yes, these cigars are AMAZING for the price. At roughly $3.00 a stick, we have rarely found any other stick that packs this much flavor and value. This is a mixed filler cigar but hear us out…the filler mix is from a factory that uses the leftover leaves from $80.00 cigars sold in various countries in Europe and this flavor shows. This cigar would sell just fine at $5.25 if we left it there. But both in our local retail shop, and online its debut pricing is only $3.00 per stick!!! These cigars only come in  5 x 52 Robusto size. Chers!!!
x-1 5, 10, or 20- PACK of  ZHB Fool’s Gold Cigars Robusto 5 x 52
x-1 Boveda Hydropack


Fool’s Gold Zeal House Brand

Wrapper: Dominican Sungrown 
Filler: Nicaragua Jalapa 
Binder: Nicaragua Esteli / Dominican Santiago 
Strength: Mild to Medium 

Tasting Notes: Rich toasty bread, cinnamon, and coffee notes. Sweet spice on the retrohale followed by a clean finish on the palate.


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Weight2.0 lbs

5-Pack, 10-Pack, 20- Bundle

6 reviews for Fool’s Gold Zeal House Brand

  1. eneboebrent (verified owner)

    Just finished one of these delicious sticks, and it did not disappoint. I could go on and on, … and on, about how good it is, but I’ll reserve some of my thoughts as to give others a chance to discover it’s flavors/aromas. Very good burn, effortless draw, self-correcting burn, and very tasty. Reminds me of a CAO Gold, Romeo y Julietta 1875 and a Montecristo Buena Fortuna. Nuts, vanilla, slight pepper on the retrohale makes this a mild to just about medium for me. Definitely worth more than $3. Buy some today.

  2. eneboebrent (verified owner)

    I am just about done with my 5th and final one of these sticks, and wishing I had another 5 pack. These are very well crafted mixed fillers, in that the ash doesn’t really fall off in your lap if you take your time smoking it. Flavors and aromas are the same as my previous review, and no issues using cutters on these. For me anyway. Definitely worth $15 for a 5’er!!

  3. eneboebrent (verified owner)

    The Fools Gold deserves more than a 1 star rating. That’s for sure. It’s priced fair for a mixed filler, and is packed with nice flavors and aromas. Is it my favorite stick? Absolutely not. But it’s a cigar that’s not made solely to be compared to your favorite, long-filler cigar(s). Don’t pass this one up. Especially at that bundle price.

  4. Chris Bolling (verified owner)

    Ugly stick but by far top 2 house brand ive ever had the pleasure of smoking. A sweet bread taste with a lil nutmeg on the end a lil pepper spice on the retro. An absolute 5 star house stick . Definitely Ordering more

  5. Garrett Hardisty (verified owner)

    I’m always been a little skeptical on mixed filler cigars but after 5 months I gave in and bought a bundle. WOW.

    Maybe they are not the prettiest but I have smoked 3 so far over the last few days and they were great! The ones I had were nice and firmly packed, smoked slow with a solid ash. I don’t have the greatest palate, only a year in smoking-but I’ve gotten bready notes with a little mild spice. I have found my ‘daily smoke’ in these sticks…now if we could only get them in a Maduro too that would be something!

  6. randallerr (verified owner)

    Solid smoke for the $.i was surprised at the quality,At first I was doubtful,but after initial char,I got flavors of vanilla,sweet baking spice, leather.Mixed filler,but excellent quality.No burn issues,was able to nub it.A good choice for an everyday smoke,but not quite as deep,rich and oily as I have come to really enjoy in my favorite sticks.

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