Kafie Blanton’s Pairing Sampler

Kafie Blanton’s Pairing Sampler

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Kafie Blanton’s Pairing Sampler

You most likely saw the pairing video on Youtube so now you are here considering getting this sampler to pair with your bottle of bourbon. Yup, just click buy! These cigars are some of the best coming out of Honduras today. Kafie cigars have been winning multiple awards for their quality, consistency, and flavor for the past 3 years. Now it’s your turn to taste the Kafie difference.

7 Cigars Total

In this sampler 7 Cigars Total |

  • x-1 Kafie San Jeronimo Toro 6 x52
  • x-1 Kafie Don Fernando Maduro Toro 6 x 52
  • x-1 Kafie 1901 Connecticut Toro 6 x 52
  • x-1 Kafie 1901 San Andreas Box Pressed Toro 6 x 52
  • x-1 Liga Midnight Toro 6 x 54
  • x-1 Liga Daybreak Toro 5.75 x 54
  • x-1 Liga Eclipse Toro 6 x 54
  • x-1 Boveda Packet 



Kafie Blanton’s Pairing Sampler

Kafie San Jeronimo 

The emphasis of this blend is to feature the amazing tobaccos of Honduras. Two types of tobaccos from two regions of Honduras have been incorporated into this blend. Expect a rich, flavorful, dry fruit flavors, with a mild floral finish. The wrapper is a Cuban seed Habano from Ecuador that really brings the blend full circle. Rich in flavor, medium-bodied, and intriguing. Nicaraguan fillers from Jalapa give it good strength and flavor as well. Overall this is a very enjoyable cigar from beginning to end. Complex, flavorful, and rich. Most importantly, expect a clean finish as with all our blends. We only use the finest aged tobaccos in our cigars.

Kafie Don Fernando Maduro 

This blend was created using a 5-6 year aged Cuban Seed Habano wrapper grown in Nicaragua and aged in our factory in Honduras. Binder and filler are aged 3-4 years. Don’t let the darkness of the wrapper give you the impression that this is a full-body cigar. The blend itself is proprietary and we can not go into too much detail. The tobacco used in our cigars are 100% naturally grown, and naturally aged. The flavor profile is robust and complex, yet its interpretation comes across very balanced. This cigar can be enjoyed by all cigar smokers

Kafie 1901 Connecticut 

This blend took almost 9 months to create. The difficulty came in finding a wrapper that would be suitable for what we wanted to achieve in a Connecticut Blend. The cigar features a medium-bodied shade-grown wrapper which we discovered in Ecuador. It is absolutely beautiful, in appearance as well as in flavor. The blend also contains a binder and filler from 3 different countries. The 4 country melody is well balanced, flavorful and very elegant on the palate from beginning to end. We believe that the Kafie 1901 Connecticut is going to establish itself as a very special cigar in the industry. As with all of our cigars, it’s about quality, not quantity.

Kafie San Andreas Box Pressed 

This cigar took almost 2 years to create. The tobaccos in this blend come from five different countries, including our own harvest from Honduras. This box pressed masterpiece is my dream combination of tobaccos. A blend to be enjoyed at the most festive occasions.

Liga Midnight (Zeal Brand Exclusive) 

Everyone knows the best time to smoke a cigar is on the weekend preferably after midnight. We named this blend Liga Midnight because the darkness of the leaves captures the mystery and flavor of the night. Rich, dark, chocolate and coffee notes tease your taste buds as you are brought deeper into the night-shade of this cigar leaving you both satisfied and wanting more at the same time.

Liga Daybreak (Zeal Brand Exclusive) 

Do you like coffee with your cigars in the morning? We do!!! But often the cigars that we get to smoke with our coffee are lacking something….call it flavor, punch, power, or complexity we simply call it TASTE. But when we tried this cigar in the morning we were blown away!!! So if you want a great balanced cigar that highlights notes of caramel, cedar, and just the right amount of spice then this is the cigar for you. It is both the perfect cigar for the beginner and the veteran smoker who wants more from their cigar than just a pretty label.

Liga Eclipse (Zeal Brand Exclusive) 

When Day turns to night before 5pm then usually its a solar event called an Eclipse. In this cigar, we have affectionately named Eclipse so you get the best of both worlds. You get the day with the light airy cedar and caramel mixed with the dark chocolate and coffee notes of the dark Maduro’s we sell that you’ve come to love. Not sure which cigar to get between the MIDNIGHT and DAYBREAK? Then, pick up an Eclipse soon and see if you agree with our palate.

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