Liga Eclipse (5-10 Packs)


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Liga Eclipse

When Day turns to night before 5pm then usually its a solar event called an Eclipse. In this cigar, we have affectionately named Eclipse so you get the best of both worlds. You get the day with the light airy cedar and caramel mixed with the dark chocolate and coffee notes of the dark Maduro’s we sell that you’ve come to love. Not sure which cigar to get between the MIDNIGHT and DAYBREAK? Then, pick up an Eclipse soon and see if you agree with our palate.


Liga Eclipse

Wrapper: Honduran Rosado & Dark Oscuro
Filler: Honduran
Binder: Dominican & Honduran
Strength: Mellow – Medium 


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Robusto, Toro, Torpedo, Gordo


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6 reviews for Liga Eclipse (5-10 Packs)

  1. jf.perryman (verified owner)

    A good cedar,dark chocolate and a little coffe flavor in this mild cigar. Quite an enjoyable stick.

  2. Ryan (verified owner)

    A very mild cigar that I enjoyed with a dark stout and a root beer. The first cigar I’ve had that didn’t make my stomach upset. I actually finished it and liked it quite a bit!

  3. Tony Tinoco (verified owner)

    This was a big surprise I really enjoyed smoking this stick on the golf course

  4. Ian (verified owner)

    So before I even get into this stick, I have to preface my smoking experience. I found a few of the YouTube videos that the Zeal team put out, the fun and entertainment alone spiked my smoking curiosity and had me wanting more. I decided to hop on zealcigars.com to take the plunge back into cigars (it had been 3 years since my last smoke). My experience navigating this website was a delight and speaks volumes about the early start to Zeal Cigars.

    I decided to grab a few light smokes to reintroduce myself into cigars, the liga eclipse was among those. The fact that zeal offers free shipping on all US purchases is amazing and industry leading as far as I could tell. My cigars arrived in less than 5 days protected in not only a shipping bag, not only a shipping box, but then another humidified bag, I was impressed to say the least.

    All this aside, I received my cigars and decided to light up my Eclipse on day one. I won’t lie, the closed foot had me taken aside, and without a proper butane lighter (my fault) proved difficult to light. Once i had it going, however, I was amazed at how easy to smoke, and light bodied this barber pole was. Light creams, cocoa, and subtle coffee had me overwhelmed as I watched the sun set. A razor straight edge burned thought the entire smoke. The flavors lingered not long, but just enough to have me excitedly anticipating the next puff. Paired with a nice chilled coffee (extra cream, no sugar), the flavors wafted perfectly over me.

    In my previous cigar life I had remembered wishing the experience was over not more than an inch into the cigar. This cigar, the eclipse, had changed that entirely. I wish i had purchased more than one, and will certainly be back onto the sight soon to restock. I smoked an Oliva Connecticut Reserve shortly after, expecting a significant step up in experience knowing the prestige of the brand, however throughout that smoke I was wanting my eclipse back in the hand. Nothing against the cigar, it was a great smoke, however the eclipse is fighting well above it’s class.

    All in all, both Zeal and the eclipse have me firmly back in the cigar game. I can’t wait to see what Zeal has in store next but it’s safe to say, they have a new repeat customer!

  5. Marshall

    It seemed to have a nice creamy mild-medium taste. Unfortunately the one I received had a horrible draw. I thought it would improve later but stayed the same throughout the entire smoke. The draw was way too tight and created a lot of problems.

  6. Michael

    Absolutely delightful! As the aforementioned reviews state in the pallate, notes, and finish. Wonderfully light. Only draw back would be the craftsmanship of the cigar. However, given the price; it’s an amazing experience. Getting more.

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