NUB vs. ZHB Challenge Sampler (8 Cigars)


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NUB vs. ZHB (Zeal House Brand) Challenge Sampler

Everyone who loves our house brands and NUB’S has been asking for this sampler for a LONG TIME!!! So here ya go. We are not claiming our house brands are up to par with Oliva’s famous NUB brand but hey maybe it’s a close second for some. We are challenging your taste buds to see whose BRAND you will like more. Step up, take the challenge, and smoke some GREAT cigars!!!

  • x-1 ZHB King’s Envy Short Gordo 4.5 x 60 (Habano)
  • x-1 ZHB King’s Comeback Short Gordo 4.5 x 60 (Maduro)
  • x-1 ZHB Spicecream Short Gordo 4.5 x 60 (Connecticut)
  • x-1 ZHB Whiskey Sunset Short Gordo 4.5 x 60 (Cameroon)
  • x-1 NUB Connecticut 4 x 60
  • x-1 NUB Cameroon 4 x 60
  • x-1 NUB Habano 4 x 60
  • x-1 NUB Maduro 4 x 60
  • x-1 Boveda 2-way Humidification Control Packet



In stock


King’s Envy 

This has quickly become my favorite house blend of all time for Zeal Cigars. But don’t let the term “house blend” fool you. This is no ordinary “house” cigar. It is packed with a ton of flavor, perfect draw, and razor-sharp burn. Many folks begged me to label this and box it and put my name on it. I told them NO due to the fact it would take both longer to get out to the public and then cost double what it does now. This cigar is truly the ENVY of any King and we hope it becomes a staple cigar and must have stick for you.

King’s Comeback 

This cigar is a medium-bodied, full of flavor Maduro that we’d liken to several boutique blends. If you are a fan of Maduro boutique cigars but don’t want to drop $10.00 per stick then this is a cigar that you must try! I have been told by more than one reputable cigar lover that I should put a label on these cigars, box em, and sell them for 10-12 dollars. Grab yours today before they are gone!


I’m not really sure how to explain a cigar that tastes a lot like a vanilla ice cream cone to me. But here goes. You get vanilla, nuts, woods, and a sweet aroma of spice that leave you completely satisfied after you smoke it.  Get yours today before we are sold out of this…like everything else ;)

Whiskey Sunset

Cameroon wrapper cigars are BY FAR my favorite to pair with whiskey. These cigars are no exception to that rule of mine. They simply pair perfectly with any whiskey! While I prefer darker, stronger batches they will pair just as well with many others. The smooth and luscious Cameroon wrapper holds in a Nicaraguan binder with Dominican and Nicaraguan filler with just the perfect cradling of the tobacco.

NUB Cigars by Oliva 

Born in the Oliva factory, a cigar maker was persistent on proving what he could to capture the essence – the core – of a cigar’s flavor immediately upon lighting and throughout the duration of the blend. Regardless, whichever blend and size you pick, Nub is sure to never let you down.


A smooth and silky Ecuador Connecticut wrapper. Mellow and creamy to start, with a rich, slight sweet undertone. Toasted cedar on the retro-hale. Medium-bodied with a rich, buttery texture. This blend is to accommodate the palates of light body cigar enthusiasts.


Dark and leathery Cameroon Wrapper. This medium-bodied Cameroon offers flavors of earth, spice, and rich notes of cedar and coffee. The aftertaste is dry and toasty with an intense pepper on the retro-hale.


A glossy, milk chocolate-brown Ecuador Habano wrapper. Rich tobacco core with a smoky aftertaste. The Nub Habano is a medium – full bodied smoke with intense flavors of nuts, cedar, espresso and cream that remain true to character throughout.


A dark, thick, and oily Brazilian wrapper. This cigar is overflowing with enticing flavors that include, dark chocolate, coffee, sweet spice and caramel. The aftertaste is spicy with natural sweet tones. Medium in body with a toasty, full-flavored ending.

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2 reviews for NUB vs. ZHB Challenge Sampler (8 Cigars)

  1. brandoncruz01 (verified owner)

    Incredible sampler in my favorite size. Thanks Zeal!

  2. Chris Morin (verified owner)

    Amazing sampler. So happy I ordered this one. I have not yet smoked them all, but so far the ZHB Whiskey Sunset is favorite by far.

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