Our Top 6 ZHB Cigars (6-12 cigars)


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Our Top 6 ZHB Cigars

If you saw the video you know just why we choose these cigars. Each of these samplers we chose separately BLIND from one another and can’t believe just how similar our Top 6 Zeal House Brand’s were. Some different and different sizes as well. ALL ABSOLUTE BANGERS in our opinion!  Try Bradley’s, Justin’s, or BOTH!!!

  • x-1 Whiskey Sunset 4 x 60
    x-1 Sanitarium Habano 5.5 x 54
    x-1 Primordial Connecticut 6 x 50
    x-1 Unicorn Brazil 6 x 50
    x-1 Rhapsody BXP 6 x 52
    x-1 Liga Midnight 6 x 60
  • x-1 Boveda 2-Way Humidity Control Pack
  • x-1 Sanitarium Maduro 5.5 x 54
    x-1 Liga Midnight Toro 6 x 52
    x-1 Rhapsody Round 6 x 52
    x-1 Unicorn Brazil 6 x 50
    x-1 Storm Chaser 6 x 52
    x-1 Primordial 6 x 50
  • x-1 Boveda 2-Way Humidity Control Pack



When you first light up each of these tasty INSANELY GOOD cigars you will have to reevaluate your life decisions for a moment. The pepper and spice are amazing and like NOTHING we’ve ever smoked! They mellow out nicely to a cream well-balanced smoke fit for a KING! The Maduro boasts peppery cream notes of chocolate, coffee, cedar, and dark earth. The Habano produces a smooth creamy note of wood, nuts, and creamy pepper. Connecticut produces gobs smooth dense smoke, delicious pepper cream, cedar, and slight hints of vanilla all the way through. Yet another banger from Zeal House Brands!!!!

Time to check-in, kick back, and let yourself go with some cool, smooth healing with these sticks!

All cigars come rolled in classic Cuban-style newspaper!!! (much like our Whiskey Sunset Cameroons)

Liga Midnight 

Everyone knows the best time to smoke a cigar is on the weekend preferably after midnight. We named this blend Liga Midnight because the darkness of the leaves captures the mystery and flavor of the night. Rich, dark, slight leather, chocolate, and coffee notes tease your taste buds as you are brought deeper into the nightshade of this cigar leaving you both satisfied and wanting more at the same time.

Storm Chaser 

This cigar is for those who like to kick it up a notch! These cigars absolutely smack with dark delicious flavors of earth, dark cocoa, wood, leather, with mesquite note that will BLOW YOUR MIND!!! . There are rich dark pepper tones all through the cigar that make this barber pole cigar one of the most unique and epic blends we’ve ever tried. About a year in the making and aged to perfection. We give you Storm Chaser!!!


A new house brand from Zeal House Brands (ZHB) that will blow your mind with flavor. This delicious Connecticut Shade wrapper produces a smooth smoking experience full of flavors of buttercream, cookie dough, and brown sugar all with a smooth draw and razor-sharp burn. This 1st generation Cuban seed PURE CONNECTICUT wrapper produces simply one of the best smokes we’ve experienced from a light wrapper such as this!!!


A new house brand from Zeal Cigars Rhapsody is our CHOICE for a true-value-priced San Andreas wrapper cigar. This cigar was a passion project of Bradley’s taking more than 6 months to find.  The tobaccos in this blend come from five different countries and are rolled to perfection in Honduras by our partner factory that will go unnamed. This rounded beauty is a rich and dense blend of darker tobaccos. I named this cigar Rhapsody after being overwhelmed by the richness of the flavor it produces with subtle sweetness, rich spice, and smooth cocoa and coffee notes.

Whiskey Sunset 

Cameroon wrapper cigars are BY FAR my favorite to pair with whiskey. These cigars are no exception to that rule of mine. They simply pair perfectly with any whiskey! The smooth and luscious Cameroon wrapper holds in a Nicaraguan binder with Dominican and Nicaraguan filler with just the perfect cradling of the tobacco. Not too tightly packed, not too loose but simply perfect.


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  1. DavidB (verified owner)

    Outstanding lineup of cigars. I’ve watched them smoke all of these before and I know they’re going to be of the highest quality. Thanks so much for these great sticks!

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