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Spicecream Cigars

Every cigar is better box preseed right?!?! Well, I can say without a doubt (in my mind/for my palate) this one is. The original Spicecream took over our shipping department by storm. It quickly became our all-time #1 selling house cigar in Zeal Cigar’s brief history of only 1.5 years in existence. We partnered with a master blender in Nicaragua to bring you this well-balanced, provocatively named cigar for those who are just jumping into the cigar game and/or for those who’ve been here a while and want to reimagine what a Connecticut wrapper cigar can taste like. Sweet vanilla, waffles, nuttiness, and ice cream, are what I taste when smoking this through the retrohale. It has a distinct bread note the original seems to lack. Try for yourself and see which you prefer. Either way, we are sure this will be a relaxing smooth smoke for you to enjoy any time of the day!



Spicecream Box-Pressed Cigars

Spricecream Box Pressed Cigars

I’m not really sure how to explain a cigar that tastes a lot like a vanilla ice cream cone to me. But here goes. You get vanilla, nuts, woods, and a sweet aroma of spice that leave you completely satisfied after you smoke it.  Get yours today before we are sold out of this…like everything else ;)

Now imagine a similar flavor to the original but now re-imagine that flavor in regards to eating Belgium waffles with vanilla ice cream and some sweet spice on top. These are the notes I get when I smoke this cigar!

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Weight1.5 lbs

Robusto, Toro, Gordo

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5-Pack, 10-Pack

10 reviews for Spicecream Box Pressed Cigars

  1. Isaac Milleson

    These are Incredible!! I did not have a chance to smoke the original but this boxpressed is amazing. I got two in a sampler and immediately wished I would have bought more. It’s not flavored or too sweet, just an incredibly pleasant smoke.

  2. howardcruthers

    I’m not normally a fan of Connecticut wrapped cigars. I got this in a sampler, and I’m very glad I did. It’s everything they say it is…smooth, creamy, and delicious. The boxed press construction is elegant and flawless, and the burn was razor sharp. I’m shocked this cigar isn’t twice the price.

  3. Lance Seymore (verified owner)

    Purchased a 5 pack of 6×60. Came packed with care a small humidity pack to keep fresh for its trip. Well i was so overexcited when they arrived and saw the little card thanking me for my purchase and another saying put in your humidor for 3-5 days before smoking. Did i do that? no! Should i have? Yes! But im like a kid and the review said vanilla waffle cone and the picture is of a vanilla waffle cone! I MUST have one now!!! Well it was ok and I thought man I hyped myself up to much and now im disappointed. I noticed a very week scent of vanilla and tasted very slight pepper but overall was not loving it! So I waited a good 7 days at 67% and 70 degrees. Lets see if the next stick is any different after sitting. Well i wish i had will power because this one was very very good and my girlfriend even said wow i wish it came in a scented candle it smells so good! So there ya go,i give it a 5 and im sure the first one would’ve been also. Ill buy again!

  4. k9sgt160

    What a great cigar !! It will be staple in my humidor

  5. Aaron

    Arrived today. The spicecream bxp robusto wasn’t in a wrapper so it caught my eye. Had flecks of green throughout wrapper. Decided to smoke it instead of putting in the humidor. Tight draw. Could be from it being a boxpress. A mellow cigar. Ash was on the darker side. I’ll report on the others in this sampler as I try them.

  6. Aaron Rose

    Smoked the other boxpress that was in the sampler. True to its name it tasted of spice and cream. Draw was slightly looser than I like but manageable. Heavy canoeing. Had to touchup throughout smoke. Ash about 1.5 inches before drop. 2nd half still had a nice mix of spice and cream though both were muted with the cream more so. Cedar notes developed. Final 3rd sweet cedar. Light bodied. A pleasant cigar but the construction issues were annoying. Disecting the nub I found all long fillers. Binder looks to be Connecticut as well. I have a round version from another sampler pack that I will try latter for comparison.

  7. Alex Pena

    I purchased a 10 pack thinking that if this cigar is half as good as the hype on the description a 5 pack wasn’t going to be enough. I’m glad I did, they have not disappointed. this stick tastes sooooo good that I’m getting ready to reorder. Great taste, great construction. I will definitely buy again!

  8. Tweiss (verified owner)

    This is just a fun cigar and very enjoyable. The description is accurate with the taste.My friend also smoked one and she does not smoke cigars all that often she loved it and even got many of the flavor notes that are mentioned. Great Cigar!

  9. Tweiss (verified owner)

    These are great cigars nice size for quicker smoke. Super tasty even my friends who don’t smoke cigars that often love these.

  10. David Eisenhuth (verified owner)

    Simply put.. A wonderful Cigar. All the goodness of the original Spice Cream taken up a notch. Smooth, creamy and on retrohale vanilla ice cream as advertised. Not overly sweet and with a Smoky Scotch like Whisky del Bac’s Dorado it is perfection in a house cigar. Zeal Team does it again!

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