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Spicecream Cigars

I’m not really sure how to explain a cigar that tastes a lot like a vanilla ice cream cone to me. But here goes. You get vanilla, nuts, woods, and a sweet aroma of spice that leave you completely satisfied after you smoke it.  Get yours today before we are sold out of this…like everything else ;)


Spicecream Cigars

Spricecream Cigars

I’m not really sure how to explain a cigar that tastes a lot like a vanilla ice cream cone to me. But here goes. You get vanilla, nuts, woods, and a sweet aroma of spice that leave you completely satisfied after you smoke it.  Get yours today before we are sold out of this…like everything else ;) THESE ARE NOT FLAVORED CIGARS. These tasting NOTES not flavored tobacco.

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13 reviews for Spicecream Cigars

  1. Daniel Barefoot (verified owner)

    Exactly as advertised. A flavor profile like no other. Came packaged carefully with boveda pack. Possibly my favorite light wrapper cigar yet. Even burn and smooth aftertaste. Warning! Vanilla Ice Cream cone in disguise. I Can’t wait for them to restock so I can do the same.

  2. Daniel E. (verified owner)

    I usually dont enjoy the flavor notes found in most Connecticut wrappers but this cigar was excellent. Great flavors, perfect burn and plenty of smoke. Highly recommend this cigar.

  3. Jim (verified owner)

    I am smoking this stick right now, and I must say Bradley nailed it in his videos, vanilla ice cream with a bit of spice! One of my favorite sticks, must order again!

  4. Chris Bulluck (verified owner)

    First order from Zeal and what Greta customer service!! Spoke with Kari and was awesome.
    The Spice Cream is excellent!
    Vanilla ice cream notes with just the right amount of spice. Great stick with morning coffee!

  5. CB (verified owner)

    I am a flavored/infused cigar guy, and for a non-flavored/infused cigar, I really like this one. I have been trying some non-flavored cigars lately, and this is by far my favorite, especially paired with an IBC Cream Soda.

  6. nicholas faust (verified owner)

    These cigars are great! I cannot believe the price and I would put these against all the big names. The burn is even throughout, ash is perfect, and the taste is great. These are becoming my go to morning cigar with a cup of coffee and as my humidor starts to empty I find myself adding more of these. Definitely a must try!

  7. Corey Decker

    Good cigar the vanilla notes are good and tastes really good when i pair it with blackberries.

  8. Thomas Ross

    Smoked my first Spicecream stick yesterday and man was it good! Creamy and smooth all the way to the nub. Plan on buying more ASAP!

  9. Tygro-Envy

    It’s amazing the flavor that actually comes out of this thing, vanilla and waffle cone, not overpowering the tobacco flavor but really accentuated it. The smoke output was impressive as well. Enjoyed this on a dead air night so the smoke lingered; dense with a surprisingly very smooth draw. 10/10 Can’t wait to try the box pressed version.

  10. wiskerchent

    To start, I have never been a fan of Connecticuts. This was shipped to me in a mixed pack that had been ordered and ive put off smoking it honestly. HUGE mistake on my part! Absolutely delicious stick. As everyone else has mentioned, the burn is fantastic, great smoke, but the flavor though! MMM! Out golfing with my bro and i lost count of how many times i told him i loved this stick, and every time i got a flavor change or tasted a different note i pointed it out. Absolutely loved this stick and just before this review ive already put in an order for the box pressed. Cannot wait! This is my FIRST Connecticut stick ive not only liked but loved. Great job Zeal Team! Im impressed

  11. John Mockabee III

    New to the cigar game, have been ordering all kinds of samplers, and these have become one of my top 3 favorite cigars! Will definitely order more of these once the humidor gets low.

  12. NewPuffer (verified owner)

    Been into cigars for only a few months now and I’ve been having bad luck. Can’t seem to find anything I like. I was hoping that Zeal would be the cure.

    The first short Gordo I got tunneled and went out after giving off a small flame on the first few puffs. The rest of the cigar tasted terrible after I relit it with a hard draw and wispy smoke. Contacted customer support about that. Didn’t get a response back. Mentioned that I might have smoked it too early but it did spend a week in the tupperdore.

    Hoped that this wouldn’t be the case with the rest I got. The first few puffs were actually really good and had a creamy and almost sweet flavor before being overwhelmed by a strong bitterness.

    A few weeks later I tried the second one.

    Complete opposite experience. Easy light, open draw, good amount of smoke, and no bitter notes until the final third. Creamy and a little spicy all the way through. Perfect. First cigar I ever nubbed.

    This is the Connecticut I’ve been looking for. Not bitter like others. Buttery smooth and creamy. I didn’t get the ice cream notes but it’s still a really enjoyable smoke with good flavors. And, for the first time, I didn’t get that weird coating in my mouth like other Connecticuts.

    I’d say this is a first smoke approved and a great choice at the price per stick. Sure there are probably other amazing sticks at a similar price point (insert the usual elitist complaint that forgets that everyone has a different palate and says something to the effect of how people who post cigar reviews are always hyping up mediocre and overpriced brands) but this one really suits me well.

    Great job Zeal. Looking forward to trying the other house brands.

  13. Mars Marley (verified owner)

    Absolutely one of my favorite cigars I’ve smoked so far! I love the short gordo size also. Something about this size that’s just fun to smoke. Very creamy and tasty smoke. I’m going to have to order a box next time because I always want to make sure I have plenty of these in my humidor. Nice long ash on these babies as well.

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