Succulent Saka Sampler (12 Cigars)

Succulent Saka Sampler (12 Cigars)

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Succulent Saka Sampler

  • x-1 Sobremesa Tiempo Torpedo 6 x 54
  • x-1 Sobremesa Robusto Largo 5.5 x 52
  • x-2 Sobremesa Brulee Gordo 6 x 60
  • x-1 Mi Querida Fino Largo 6 x 48 (sub w/ 6 x 52 when low-stock)
  • x-1 Mi Querida Ancho Largo 6 x 52
  • x-1 Mi Querida Ancho Corto 5 x 52
  • x-1 Mi Querida Gordita 4 x 48
  • x-1 Sin Compromiso Intrepido 5.63 x 46
  • x-1 Sin Compromiso No. 2 6 x 52
  • x-1 Mustra De Saka Unstolen Valor 6 x 52
  • x-1 Polpetta (Bonus Cigar) 4 x 48
  • x-1 2-way Humidification Control Boveda


                                                                                                                                (Robusto 5 x 52, Toro 6 x 52, Churchill 7 x 52, Gordo 6 x 60) 

In stock



Sobremesa, “over the table”, has no precise English translation, perhaps because there is no cultural equivalent in the US. It is an idiom used among the Latin culture to describe the leisurely time spent tableside after you have finished dining, but before you rise. It is the experience of lingering casually with family and friends in conversation, relaxing, drinking, smoking and enjoying each other’s company. Sobremesa is one of life’s simplest, yet greatest pleasures.

Sobremesa Brule 

Same great flavor as the rich and delightful Sobremessa but with a tad lighter profile and what some would call as sweeter tip.

Sin Compromiso 

Sin Compromiso, without compromise, is our company mantra and the guiding ethos for everything we do here at Dunbarton Tobacco & Trust.

Creating a cigar brand to manifest this expression into a tangible reality was an incredibly challenging task as this cigar simply had to be beyond exceptional. From the cultivation of distinct and unique tobaccos to the careful working of these prized leaves to allowing only the very best torcedors to hand craft each cigar. Even the box which contains these vitolas had to be extra special – in short, this cigar is the absolute best of everything.

The result is a truly unique, complex cigar that is smooth, yet strong at the very same time. It delivers a captivating and entrancing smoke for the experienced palate with flavors that are constantly swirling and changing from puff to puff. At its core is an inherent sweetness paired with a savory spiciness, but hidden within its layers are notes of cocao, espresso, loam and even chicory root. I spent over three years of meticulously crafting and tweaking this blend and I can say without reservation it is personally my best liga ever. I have never experienced such an intriguing and satisfying smoke.

Each cigar is gently soft pressed, sleeved in Spanish Cedar and packed in beautifully crafted 13-ct matte-lacquered boxes.


Capa: San Andrés Negro “Cultivo Tonto”

Capote: Hybridized Ecuador Habano “Thin Ligero”

Tripa: Independent Plantation Grown Nicaraguan

Handcrafted to the most exacting standards by Joya de Ncaragua S.A. and Nicaraguan American Cigar S.A. in Esteli, Nicaragua, per the direction of Sr. Saka.

Polpetta (Bonus)

This event only cigar uses the cuts from Saka’s Mi Querida, Mi Querida Triqui Traca, and Umbagog lines to create the filler, meaning five different Nicaraguan tobaccos. A Mexican San Andrés binder and Connecticut broadleaf wrapper cover the filler blend.

Unstolen Valor 

Unstolen Valor smokes with bold flavors of coffee, cedar, pepper, and baking spices with many nuances. Elegantly-presented in individual coffin boxes for each cigar, Unstolen Valor produces super-premium taste with satisfying full-bodied character.

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