Unexpected Light and Easy Sampler

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Unexpected Light and Easy Sampler

Unexpected things happen in life all the time! We are hoping that this deal surprises you with unexpected value, flavor, and a desire to get more from your cigar smoking hobby. In this sampler, we include the all-new AVO unexpected series of cigars that are taking the web by storm. We also introduce you to Davidoff White Lable’s little brother (The Griffins) and finish off the sampler with 3 unexpected cigars that are low on price, but huge on flavor with the La Galera Connecticut, Perdomo Lot 23 Connecticut, and the Lars Tetens Cubagua.

We put this sampler together specifically for folks who might just be getting into the cigar lifestyle in order to help them ease their way into it with class, flavor, and value.  Remember memories are made on the journey, not just the destination. Get ready for the unexpected, and kick back for enjoyment.

10 Cigars Total  

In this sampler 10 Cigars Total |

  • x-1 AVO Unexpected Passion (RED) Toro 6 x 50
  • x-1 AVO Unexpected Celebration (YELLOW) Toro 6 x 50
  • x-1 AVO Unexpected Moment (BLUE) Toro 6 x 50
  • x-1 AVO Unexpected Tradition (GREEN) Toro 6 x 50
  • x-1 The Griffins Prestige 7.5 x 50
  • x-1 The Griffins Piramide 5.5 x 52
  • x-1 The Griffins Robusto 5 x 50
  • x-1 La Galera Connecticut Short Gordo 5.2 x 60
  • x-1 Perdomo Lot 23 Connecticut 4.5 x 60
  • x-1 Lars Tetens Cubagua Toro 6 x 52
  • x-1 Boveda Packet 

In stock


Unexpected Light and Easy Sampler

Lars Tetens Cigars 

AS the legendary story is told Lars and Johnathan Drew at one time were thinking of starting the infused cigar game together. For whatever reason(s) they ended up going their separate ways but Lars always had a vision and love for cigars and cigar culture. In fact, I’m told that that Drew Estate’s Extra Ordinary Larry is named after Lars.

As a cigar smoker, these cigars are a must-try. With a completely different taste and flavor than I have ever experienced each cigar is handcrafted and infused with oils from what I’m told but it’s not INFUSED. I’m not sure how, or what the process is of making these cigars taste so delicious. The flavor notes are subtle and not overwhelming like in many infused cigars.

If you smoke 20 of the same brand of cigars a day and have a well-developed palate, you will see there are no two cigars the same. Each cigar must be approached as a completely new experience. The best way to enjoy the adventure of smoking cigars is not to dwell on past experiences with a certain cigar, but to experience the one you are smoking now. The cigar is perfection, it desires not. It comes from the earth. It is shaped into a work of art. It gives pleasure to the smoker and the returns to the earth in a full cigar. -Lars Tetens

AVO Unexpected Series 

AVO Unexpected Celebration (Yellow): Rolled with the highest quality tobacco left to age for six years.
AVO Unexpected Moment (Blue): Blended with highly aromatic tobacco on a unique Dominican finca (farm).
AVO Unexpected Tradition (Green): Crafted with rare native tobacco from Peru.
AVO Unexpected Passion (Red): Composed with a tobacco leaf aged 25 years.

The Griffins Cigars 

Crafted by hand in the Dominican Republic, Griffin’s Classic Robusto Connecticut is a must for those who enjoy smoother cigars. The Dominican long-fillers and binders pair with the Ecuadorian Connecticut wrapper to deliver a unique, smooth to medium body flavor that will leave your mouth watering. It’s a great day time cigar and pairs perfectly with a pilsner or lager.

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