Our Team


Bradley Reith
Owner and General Manager

While Bradley always looks forward to the future you can’t dismiss his past. Bradley was an original part of a cigar reviewing duo that really put cigar reviewing on the map on YouTube. Growing his former channel from zero to over 100K subscribers in less than 18 months was a feat formally un-heard of in the cigar industry.

Building off this former success Bradley launched his own brand (Zeal Cigars) and is currently growing his reach on YouTube today.

Bradley is the General manger of Zeal Cigars and spends most of his time meeting with vendors, talking with customers, marketing, website design, shooting and editing videos, creating content for social media and even if absolutely necessary he may even pack out orders. 🙂

You can find him most days, in the Zeal Cigars Studio shooting new content or helping out customers who come in and just wanna smoke a cigar!


Len and Vida Reith

Veteran Owned / Operated means more to our family than just a catchy slogan. It is literally Len Reith’s life. He is a former combat veteran, who was part of the first Marine division to land in Vietnam in Operation Double Eagle in Bong Son. After two tours in Vietnam he returned to the states to begin his life as a Husband, Father and top-notch salesman.

After retiring from sales, Len along with his wife Vida decided to start a small family business, known as Zeal Cigars.

Bradley, their son, would bring all of his knowledge, passion and drive for the cigar business to make Zeal a great success; with the support, encouragement, and incredible work ethic of Len and Vida, this was sure to be a success.

Len and Vida are at the shop from time to time and Len loves to “talk shop” with customers in the lounge. He always helps the crew by making boxes, restocking and any way he can lend a hand. Vida, the Cherished Matriarch, often will call to check in and make sure everything is running well and her kiddos are a-ok!


Kari Reith
Head of Operations

Kari, came to Zeal with a like for cigars but a passion for family and people!

Initially, Kari came to just help out as she was transitioning out of Clinical Research, but then found that her expertise came in handy in the family business.

Now, Kari is a staple around Zeal, ready to help customers with cigar choices, on-line order issues, website design, employee schedules, taxes, pick/pack orders and shipping supplies, along with all the other fun stuff that Operations takes care of, of course!

Best part, according to Kari, is getting to work with family everyday, and that includes JB!


Justin Burnett “Know It All JB”

Retail Supervisor

JB started as a Zeal customer and with his incredibly well developed pallet, quickly won Bradley’s respect and admiration!

In no time he became part of our team and has quickly became a part of the family!

Justin is always ready to help new or seasoned cigar smokers find a new favorite or an old go-to. He has become a pro at multitasking while barcoding house-brands, handling customer phone calls, picking orders to pack out, website design and talking about the notes in certain cigars to customers in the Zeal Lounge, he is truly one of a kind!

He is the other face of Zeal on YouTube along with Bradley and has definitely lived up to the nickname “Know It All JB!” His pallet is that of someone 30 years older than him!

We are so glad he is a part of the Zeal Family!

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